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The most capable drone company anywhere...

    Some of the most difficult drone work is the enterprise or industrial market. That is because the stakes are higher, the challenges greater, and the need more urgent. Lives have been saved with the help of drones. Money can be saved with our drone services.


Whether it's topography of a construction project or flying thermal inspection of buildings, equipment and infrastructure, our team is ready to show you how easy we can make it for you. Let us help you make your project our mission. 

Everything Work: 

From day to day your work site changes. Why not keep track of those changes? We can give you that day-to-day birds eye that you need to make sure your project is safe, on-time, and to your expectations. 

At an affordable price Lone Star Drone can take aerial shots as often as you need. We can also make a detailed 3D model of the work-site or project. 

Mapping and Elevation:

Getting ready to do a presentation on a project site? Don't just screen shot a low resolution image from Google Maps. Lone Star Drone can give you a full suite of survey solutions that makes you look more informed and better prepared. 

RTK - With a growing demand for data analytics before an enterprise or construction project can begin, drone surveys have become critical. The problem is, GPS based drones simply don't have the accuracy to properly map an area. GPS can be as unreliable as +/- 30 feet from the point you think you are mapping. RTK is a technology that can further the accuracy of a drone and the maps it takes down to .8 cm. Meaning, Lone Star Drone can deliver a map, survey, or model of your intended site to a precision that cannot be achieved through any other technology or traditional survey. However, even RTK needs to be paired with proper survey grade control points and the knowledge and experience Lone Star Drone can bring to the project.


With the inclusion of LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging), your elevation maps can be more accurate than can achieve with a ground based survey team. 


Elevation and erosion survey


Solar Inspections


Transmission tower inspection



Construction, Worksite and Inspection: 

Imagine being able to do entire roof inspections from the safety of the ground. Through advanced computer software, Lone Star Drone can do detailed inspections that include a square footage calculation of replacement material for roof repairs and replacements. Lone Star Drone can also do volume calculations that tell you how much fill-dirt, cement, or water you have or will need. The possibilities are endless. And, all without putting anyone in harms way again. 

Through the use of thermal and multi-spectrum imaging, Lone Star Drone can detect leakage, calculate material and building stresses, and determine road surface wear. Let Lone Star Drone can assist you in helping to make the job easier. Give us a call or email us and we can work out an Enterprise solution for you. 

Our experience in utility inspection allows us to quickly and accurately perform inspections across the whole range of power, water, petroleum, and gas. Lone Star Drone can keep you from experiencing down time, or help to dramatically shorten that downtime. Our teams and equipment are able to flex to meet our client's requirements and can be at your site with only a moment's notice. 


Energy and Utilities Inspections: 

An aging utilities and energy network across the world has led to many companies rethinking the way inspections need to be done. Maintenance begins and ends with inspection, and drones are making that inspection far safer, easier, and cheaper. Drone programs can be expensive and difficult to implement and manage. LS Drone takes all the hassle and expense out of the equation.


Because we are a rapidly deployable team of expert drone operators, we will take on any mission with better results than anyone. Learn more about are many energy and utilities solutions and how it can help your company.  


Some of the many services we offer:


Asset Lifecycle Inspection

Vegetation Management


A.I. Inspections

Line Testing

Solar Inspection


Mapping and Topography Work:


Drone mapping has become an indispensable asset when it comes to assessing elevation, erosion damage, and surveying possible work sites. There are a lot of companies out there that offer mapping service but there results fall far short of industry standards. 

With the use of our in-house engineered fixed wing drones we can survey huge swaths of land that other companies would take 10 times longer to do. Furthermore, if precision is what you are needing, other companies will deliver a survey based on standard public access GPS. Lone Star Drone delivers incredibly precise topography results down to the faction of a centimeter. We do this through the use of industry leading drones, RTK technology, LiDAR, and cameras that, frankly other companies cannot afford. These results will put you and your project at the top of your class and get your project started faster and with better results. 


LiDAR based ground survey


Topographic Surveys




3D Modeling and Analysis


Agricultural Work

Agriculture and Farming: 

The great state of Texas was founded on the backs of those who know the land the best. Ranchers, Farmers, and everyone in between. Lone Star Drone cherishes the idea that we can help these hard working people out. We can help make the burden just a little bit lighter by keeping an eye on your crops.

NDVI Imaging (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index imagine), can show crop health over very large areas. Using the natural absorption of certain wavelength of light with healthy and unhealthy crops, NDVI can assess the areas of fields or land that need special attention. Lone Star Drone can help determine if the area might be in trouble due to lack of irrigation via our full suite of thermal camera solutions. Because NDVI is so quick and easy for our clients, we can help you get in front of potential problems before they become irreparable. 


Field irrigation system survey

Crop health survey using NDVI


Field area / crop yield reports

Just some of the equipment we use:

-DJI Matrice 300 RTK

-DJI Matrice 210 RTK V2

-DJI Inspire 2

-DJI Enterprise Advanced

-DJI Enterprise Dual 

-DJI Matrice 600


Some of the optics we use:

-Zenmuse XT2

-Zenmuse P1

-Zenmuse H20T

-Zenmuse X5s/NDVI Conversion

-Zenmuse L1

-Zenmuse X7

-Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2


Some of the software we use:

-Adobe CC

-Drone Deploy


-FLIR Tools


-3D Studio MAX

-Carlson Civil

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