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Lone Star Drone Guarantee

No fancy graphics, no fine print. There is no reason to complicate something so simple: If you aren't satisfied with our service, YOU DON'T PAY!

We are not a network of pilots. We are a company of dedicated, licensed, and insured pilots. Many of the drone companies that flood Google with pay-per-click ads are nothing more than a company who outsources 100% of their client's drone work. This means that the person who shows up to do your drone work doesn't actually work for the company you hired. When you hire Lone Star Drone, the pilot and crew that show up will be wearing our uniform and be operating our equipment. They are employed by us, trained by us, insured by us, and certified by us. There will be zero question as to the quality of the work they do.

We have been doing this long enough to know what we are doing, and we do it very, very well. Anyone can buy a drone and fly it. Anyone can take pictures or claim to do an inspection. Very few people can do it well. Frankly, we are in the early days of this whole drone thing, and the market is still figuring a lot of things out. One thing that still has to be sorted out is how to weed out the good from the bad. That is why we keep it simple. If we fail to meet your expectations, you don't pay. We are that confident that you will like our deliverable. So far we have yet to disappoint a customer. 

Now to quantify our guarantee:

LiDAR: If we fail to achieve ±5cm of absolute accuracy, we have failed and you don't pay. We aim for 1mm (and achieve it most often) but WILL give you 5cm.

Thermal: We are thermography certified. That means that our reports are certified to give you the best data possible. ±0.3°C (0.5°F) is as accurate as a thermal camera can get. Our readings will be in line with those numbers. Remember, anyone can fly a thermal camera on a drone. Not too many drone companies have thermographers as pilots, but we do. 

Photo / Video: We have been doing photography for a LONG time. Some of our pilots have been taking pictures professionally for over 20 years. None of our pilots are amateurs in photography or videography. If you don't like the results of our work, you don't pay. Needless to say, no one has failed to be impressed by our work. 


Photogrammetry: There are certifications for just about everything now. Making maps with drones has one too. Certified photogrammetry can make the difference between a map that is engineering grade and one that is many feet off. Ask any of our clients who used other drone companies before they found us and they will tell you that they got burned by someone claiming to know what they were doing. We hold certifications in photogrammetry and it shows in our work. We guarantee an accuracy of 1/10th of a foot. Period.  

If there is something you don't see here but want to know how we quantify the guarantee, please contact us so we can set your mind at ease. 

Let us turn you project into our mission:

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