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Training and Certification

"Mission First..."

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Drones are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern landscape. From engineering to law enforcement, drones continue to make jobs safer, easier and more efficient. Lone Star Drone is here to assist you and your business in training those who will stand at the front of this new and evolving industry. Our expansive catalog of training programs can bring people from never having flown a drone, to FAA certified in no time. We can take those who do have experience and keep them up to date on new technologies, or pass on our experience. Allow Lone Star Drone to help you take advantage of all that drones have to offer.

Some of our training programs include: 

  • Part 107, FAA Certification

  • Search and Rescue

  • Land Survey

  • Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • FPV / Racing Drones

To Schedule classes or to find out more:

Part 107 Certification:

Note everyone is going to need to have their Part 107 certification. The FAA states that the only reason you need to be certified (at least for now), is if you are using your drone for money making purposes. Example: if you are a realtor taking pictures of your properties, a contractor taking pictures of worksites, a roofer doing inspections, or a professional photographer, and you don't have your Part 107, you are on borrowed time. The FAA has been gearing up for live tracking all drones flown. Rather than breaking the law and flying your drown without the proper certification, Lone Star Drone can help you train and get certified. Our comprehensive training program will give you all the training needed to pass the Pilot's Knowledge exam without any issues. Our pilots and training personnel are all certified themselves and will pass all that knowledge on to you. 

Training will cover sectional charts, METARs, NFZs, and everything that will keep confident while operating your drone. 


Search and Rescue:

No drone job is more critical to saving lives than search and rescue. When the difference between life and death are measured in minutes, having the critical training to get your drone airborne and on the job as quickly and confidently as possible is an absolute must. 

If you or your organization have never flown before, we will take you from the basics of drone operations all the way to advanced search and rescue techniques utilizing the very latest in drone technology. Whether a class full of pilots or one-on-one, Lone Star Drone will give you a full spectrum training experience. 

Our curriculum will cover the steps to making sure you are familiar with the equipment, proficient at servicing the aircraft, and knowing what the capabilities and limitation of the aircraft are. Classroom training will cover weather conditions and how they can affect your aircraft. Subjects in the instruction will also include how to effectively use thermal imaging, flight path optimization, and all the administrative aspects of clearing the mission for flight. After we are certain that you are proficient at drone operations, you will move to the field for live training that will culminate into a full search and rescue simulation. When you have to use your Search and Rescue skills, nothing will be too much for you to overcome. 


Engineer and Survey:

Drone have been showing up on increasingly more job sites across the world. Jobs that used to take entire teams and put people in danger can be accomplished by a drone, a skilled operator, and a fraction of the time. If you have a company that wants to utilize this invaluable resource to speed up your jobs or lower the risk to your men, allow Lone Star Drone to get you up in the air. From land management to aggregate volume estimates, our program gives you a full suite of knowledge that you can take to worksites. 

Many industries require very specific roles from drones and Lone Star Drone has done it all. Oil and Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Construction, Agriculture, Roof Inspections, and so many more. Our proven business experience means that we can get you the exact facet of Drone knowledge you need. Coupled with our many other training programs, we can get the most inexperienced pilot going in no-time at all. 


Police and Fire:

Lone Star Drone offers a comprehensive LE and Fire program. From helping a department start a drone program or training new officers to an already thriving drone program, we will ensure that we cover all the use scenarios. Lone Star Drone's certification program will give officers and operators the confidence and competence to deal with stressful situations when lives are on the line. 


Our program can be tailored to students previous experience level. If they have already been operating drones in the field we accelerate the program to get them back in the field doing their job. Working closely with local and Federal services allows us to continually revise our programs and curriculum to ensure relevant and cutting edge techniques are passed on to your officers and operators. 


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Police and Fire

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