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Whether you need to show off the stunning look of a property you are representing or need a scene in your next block-buster, filmed from above, Lone Star Drone can make it happen. When we say that your project is our mission, we mean it. We approach every project as if it were singular and as important to us as it is to you. 

Professional Projects

Because Lone Star Drone is a DFW locally grown business we are acutely aware of what the market wants and needs. Our location in the Arlington gives us quick response to customers from Dallas to Fort Worth. 

Lone Star Drone's previous 'professional' focused work has included film, tourism video, and corporate/private real-estate photography. With equipment that far exceeds our customer's needs, we are able to provide top-notch products and deliver them in far faster time.

The pricing we offer is highly scale-able. Others who quote a 'per hour rate' are failing you as a customer. They will show up with whatever equipment they have, shoot, and go home. Never once do they consider the idea that YOU as the client are the one who should be in charge. You know what your customers want. We will develop a plan  that fully meets your needs and won't sell you on something that you don't need. 

We can deliver a product to you that will quickly impress your intended market or client. Lone Star Drone has not failed to impress every client we have had the pleasure of doing business with.


Some of our satisfied clients:

Personal Projects

No one knows the vision for your special event or project like you. We are here to help you see it from a new perspective, to make it look amazing long after. Need a beautiful view of your home? How about family pictures and video you can impress friends with? Lone Star Drone is up to the challenge.


We can also help you show off what is important to you. Your beautiful house, a gorgeous car, or anything else you want to impress others with. Our scale-able pricing means that we can make your look good without breaking the bank.  

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