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About Us

We have one focus: you. The mission of Lone Star Drone is to keep your project, big or small, flying. As a licensed drone program, we are able to deliver to your expectations no matter how high they are.


As a Certified Veteran Owned and operated business, we know the importance of your mission and want you to accomplish your goals without you having to think about it. Peace of Mind.

From aerial photography, aerial cinematography, and aerial surveying, and much more, our job is making you and your project look good. 



Lone Star Drone was started to fill a need that the Dallas- Fort Worth had, a professional drone company with professional results. Let's be frank, drones aren't hard to get. Any store or website sells. There are a lot of individuals out there trying to sell services with sub-par equipment and a sub-par skill set. That is where we are different. 

The company was started by Drew Smith, an Army recon scout. That means that we cut our teeth on advanced military drones in less than hospitable environments. Drew was also a serious photographer. When you combine those skills, a good drone pilot rises above the competition. One skill without the other is useless. 

Lone Star Drone uses cutting edge drones, professional software, highly experienced pilots, and keeps everything in tip top shape for whatever you need us to photograph, survey, or film. We are fully licensed by the FAA for commercial operations. Our pilots are friendly and professional. Our training is robust. Lone Star Drone is the best drone company, bar-none. 



the drone that started it all for LSD