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About Us

 We at Lone Star Drone believe that the security of our nation, safety of our critical infrastructure, and support to our first responders is the cornerstone of protecting our nation’s most precious commodity, its people. We believe that the builders of our amazing country will not and cannot accept close or good enough, and quality matters above all else.


   The way we achieve this is by only hiring the most qualified, proven, and capable pilots like our military veterans, we deploy state of the art US made drones and payloads that ensures data security and the highest quality of deliverables, and we personally train our pilots, first responders, and private sector partners to expert levels using certified curriculum modeled off DoD and US government training standards. If you believe what we believe, then Lone Star Drone is your drone services provider. Don’t settle for less...



Drew T. Smith


Veteran - Army Recon Scout

Federal Service - Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information Technology



Lone Star Drone started as an idea to help Veterans. At the end of Drew Smith's last deployment, several soldiers were talking about what jobs or careers they were going back to. With so few of them having a viable job to go back to, Drew decided to start a company that would leverage the training and skillsets they had. As a recon scout, Drew used drones to find and gather information on the enemy. Why not use the same thing to collect data on thermal, topographic, and infrastructure assets? And so, Lone Star Drone was born. 

Since then, Lone Star Drone has provided services for a wide range of clients and industries. From Maryland to California, Switzerland to Australia, Lone Star Drone has been there and done it all. 

Our primary goals are simple: to provide the most secure data experience while delivering the best data possible to our clients. Lone Star Drone uses cutting edge drones, professional software, highly experienced pilots, and keeps everything in tip top shape for whatever our clients need us to photograph, survey, or inspect. 

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