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Veteran Owned. Veteran Operated


We take our mission seriously. That's because we were forged in the harshest conditions. Having been started by Drew Smith, a recon scout in the Army, our history is one of military bearing. 

During a deployment in 2018, Drew and the other members of "Los Vatos" group were sitting around a fire planning on what was going to happen after deployment. Drew thought, "why not leverage the kind of drones we user now in the civilian market?"

Fast forward to today and the plan worked. LS Drone has been delivering the highest quality drone services to the highest standard possible. When we say "your project is our mission", we mean it completely. 


Drew Smith on deployment

When most think of the military, they picture young men and women in uniform with little thought to those service-members day to day life. What people rarely realize is the sheer amount of technology the average member of the military is exposed to. Some in the military deal every day with advanced systems that can carry million dollar price tags. 

Nuclear reactors, thermal sights, and, yes, drones. This is why LS Drone exists. Advanced units (forward of the conventional military forces and potentially behind enemy lines) frequently use small drones to scout. The drones that are used in the civilian market owe their heritage to drones like the reaper and Raven and Puma. These small, fixed-wing drones that can help see where enemy forces. In the case of LS Drone, these drones gave our owner the skills needed to confidently manage an aerial payload. 


Continuing to Serve:


LS Drone continues to serve our veterans by hiring them. Our operators are made up of veterans who carry the same level of dedication and drive they had in the military to our client's projects. Their experience with advanced technology helps them train quickly and operate confidently, no matter what the project is. 


How partnering with Lone Star Drone can help you:

In today's highly competitive marketplace, every advantage helps. Partnering with minority owned businesses can help with stakeholders, management, and customers. If your company is contracted with a federal agency, it is a requirement that a certain percentage of your business is done with those minority owned businesses.  As a Certified Veteran Owned Business, Lone Star Drone classifies as one of those minority owned businesses.


Not only do we help our clients meet federal requirements, but because our operators are mostly veterans you can feel good knowing that you are keeping our nations veterans honored. 



The organization that manages the certification process and keeps those that would misrepresent their military service from falsely claiming the status is NaVOBA. The National Veteran Owned Business Association has been helping Veterans to ensure they are properly represented in the market. LS Drone wishes to thank NaVOBA for their help and dedication to our Nation's Veterans. 

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