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Solar Inspection

Keeping the lights on

Solar power running the way it should:

Clean energy is becoming more important in a world of rising energy costs. As of 2020, renewable energy made up 20 percent of the total electricity produced in the United States, with that number growing year over year.

A large portion of that energy comes from solar power. Because it can be installed on most buildings and in unused land, solar power has a huge impact of the daily lives of many households and businesses. The sheer number of solar panels across the country means that it is closer to home than any other source of energy. Because solar is so popular, however, it means that when something goes wrong, the need to have it fixed can be more immediate.

When it comes to solar energy production, the technology has been around for decades. However, the efficiency and complexity of that solar technology is a far cry from previous generations of solar panels. Like any other technology, complexity can mean that things can go wrong more often. Unless the solar system has an active monitoring system installed to determine output, knowing that something has gone wrong with the panels is impossible to tell until things get very bad.

The health of the solar system doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Due to the simple science of how the sun’s output is turned into energy, detecting issues can be very straight forward. Through the use of infrared sensors, the thermal signature can be quickly determined to be sufficient for good energy production or if the panel needs to be serviced or replaced. Unfortunately, thermal cameras can cost a lot of money, and the experience required to properly calibrate that sensor are paramount to ensuring the results of inspection are accurate.

LS Drone sets the standard for thermal inspections in the field of solar. Through years of experience in solar farm inspection, LS Drone delivers a report to our clients that is unmatched. Because our operators are thermography certified, even the more challenging of thermal inspections can be performed with confidence. From solar panels installed on a tall building to solar farms hundreds of acres large, LS Drone is a trusted source of inspection services.


What sets us apart:

Many times, a company will do a thermal inspection and deliver images of an asset that is flat out wrong. This isn't because they intend it, but simply that they don't possess the experience and certifications necessary.  Thermal cameras have to be tuned to ambient temperature, air density, and material being scanned. Very few other companies take that time to tune these settings before performing and inspection mostly because they just don't know how. LS Drone, however, used the power of our incredible operator’s education and certification to deliver superior results. Thermography certification is important, with most of our pilots being Level 3 thermographers. This means that the data we deliver is unquestionable accurate. It also means that insurance and warranty claims can be done with no delay.


Nearly as important to our operator’s experience and certifications, our equipment meets even the most exacting clients needs. Instead of relying on technology that ‘gets the job done’, we use only the most advanced thermal cameras and drones. We have spared no expense so our clients don’t have to.

Lastly, our thermal inspections are the best because we believe in doing the job done the best we can. Our pilots are veterans who spend a carrier in the military operating the worlds most advanced thermal systems. We take that knowledge and experience to all of our clients missions because it is the right thing to do. We never settle for ‘good enough’, and you shouldn’t have to either.


Let us be a part of your solution

If you want to learn more about what LS Drone can do for your solar system, please give us a call or email us for a free demo. 817-642-7499, or

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