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Inspection and Reports 

Residential and Commercial Roofing

Modernize your Roofing Inspections

The workflow of a roof inspection can be pretty involved and require several trips by multiple parties to the roof. Lone Star Drone consolidates those steps into an extensive report delivered to your team without the need for ladders, hardhats, or risk to your workforce. 

We will use the latest high resolution thermal imaging to determine if there are issues that someone on the roof can't see. A comprehensive scan with LiDAR be completed on the roof surface to find any hail damage or compromised underlayment.

A detailed report will then be created identifying all the issues found and including exact measurements of the roof surface, grade, and material amounts needed for repair or replacement. Presenting this to your client will allow them to see exactly what you can do for them. Because we are a third party, there is zero bias that damage or issues are legitimate. 

What sets LS Drone apart?

LS Drone has been at the forefront of drone imaging and scanning for years. Regardless of material - TPO, asphalt, fiberglass, metal, aggregate, and so on - we use the latest thermal, LiDAR, and multi-spectral imaging to create a full understanding of what is wrong or right with a roof. We can allow you the precision needed to know exactly where the problems start and how far they have spread. If a client's budget is limited, we give you the tools to make a sale on a smaller repair versus a whole roof. 

Another advantage of LS Drone is the ability to do cyclic scans of the roof. This gives you the capability to offer post-project services that give your clients peace-of-mind and helps you to develop lasting relationships. 

Doing broad scans of neighborhoods after a weather event can speed the process of inspection dramatically, giving you the jump on competition. Imagine having a detailed scan of an entire neighborhood in the time it would have taken a crew to do two houses. We have the technology and technique to give you many more tools for your toolbelt.  




LiDAR Payload for roof inspection

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Commercial roof inspections


Moisture buildup and damage have always been the silent killer with roofing. Going undetected for years on end, the substrate material rots, creating potentially life-threatening hazards in the form of black mold, compromised structural integrity, and collapse. 

Sending workers on a roof that has structural damage due to moisture intrusion puts them in an unsafe situation. LS Drone takes the guess work out of what is underneath the roof by using thermal imaging and techniques developed via our Level 3 Thermography certifications.

If your client needs a visualization of where and to what extent the moisture damage has occurred, let LS Drone help you with your next project. 

Some of the many roofing solutions we offer:


Roof Inspections


LiDAR Inspection

Let us turn you project into our mission:

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