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Contact Testing Made Safer

Zero Hazardous Manhours

Overhead lines are notoriously difficult to inspect. In order to avoid vegetation and ground obstructions, transmission and distribution lines have to be suspended high off the ground. 

The trouble starts when those lines need to be inspected. More specifically, the splices that tie two runs of cables together need to be routinely inspected for resistance. Because these splices tie runs of very high voltage lines together, resistance can cause extreme heat to build up. This heat can cause outages, failures, and fires. Due to the remote nature of some of these splices, it can take hours before anyone is aware. All this underscores the importance of inspection and maint

vlcsnap_2020_10_22_22h04m16s341.5fec6d7e5972c (1).jpg

Practices that used to put people in extreme harms way can now be completely eliminated with the use of contact testing via drones. LS Drone is pioneering the field of resistance testing on lines that used to take a helicopter and a lineworker putting themselves within feet of charges high voltage lines. Now, a drone can test splices without anyone being near the lines. Insulators and poles can be inspected and referenced for years to come.


In short, LS Drone offers the complete package of inspection needs. Not only can the inspection be done safer, but it can be done better than ever before. Don’t believe us? Let the advanced pilots and inspectors at LS Drone demonstrate our solutions for the energy sector with a free demonstration. Call us at 817-642-7499.

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