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Automation and A.I.

How LS Drone is shaping the future

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Future Leaning:

Automation is the new thing. Every sector of the economy is trying to clean up processes or streamline the workflow by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. 

LS Drone is pushing toward the future with comprehensive Automation and A.I. solutions for our clients and customers. No matter if it is asset management or vegetation monitoring, or coming up with a solution that fits your needs, we want to help you through the power of A.I.

What is A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word in the industry these days. Contrary to popular belief drones are a long was off from actually being intelligent. True A.I. is years off. What is refers to are programming algorithms that operate at a more complex level than a standard set of coding. Think of it as a computer program that can grow. In a nutshell, A.I. uses self referencing coding to make educated 'decisions'. 

Most computer programs produce an output based on what it has been told to output. Anyone who has taken a basic programming class knows how this works. This traditional type of programming is called Boolean Logic; If, Then, Or, Not, and so on. A output has to be programmed input produces a programmed output. 

A.I. on the other hand, uses more complex algorithm to produce outputs that are not specifically programmed. The coding references and builds upon itself. These output then seems to 'think' for itself. 

What this means for many industries out there is a capability to not have to program specific routines for a system. Example: if solar panel inspection was the product, A.I. would theoretically be able to recognize an issue, deploy a drone to inspect the panel, determine best practice for resolution, and create a work order for the resolution. This may not sound revolutionary, but when you take into account that the previous process required, it streamlines the whole pipeline of asset management. Prior to A.I., the panel could be down for months before someone recognized a potential issue, sent someone out to the panel to inspect by hand, and then order the part for replacement. 

AI is being implemented in asset management, workflow optimization, and other day-to-day tasks. So, how can LS Drone help? LS Drone can create bespoke solutions for your company to help with everything from your infrastructure, to asset management, to work-order optimization. Our system will use automation to inspect, manage, and catalogue issues that cannot be easily detected by manual processes. Whether you have a solar far or a small equipment yard, LS Drone can help create a solution for you that will save money and time for your workforce. 

Contact our Automations and A.I. team to get started:

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