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This multi-role utility drone has up to 3-hour flight times and interchangeable power modules.


With the X55, you get the best of both worlds - heavy payloads with the Battery Module and
extraordinary flight times with the Hybrid Module.


Key Features:
● Modular power sources
● 55 lbs Maximum take-off weight (MTOW)
● Long-range transmission system up to 20km (12 miles)
● Weatherproof design
● Communication bay for ease of integrating communication electronics
● Accessory Power - allows you to power your payload directly from the aircraft
● Auxiliary Communication Port- integrate directly with gimbals and other accessories
● Top-Bottom payload mounting
● Integrated live video feed (optional accessories)
● Real Time Kinematic capable (optional accessories)
● Rangefinder for altitude tracking (optional accessories)

Arcsky X55

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