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Autel EVO Max 4T presents an entirely new level of potential for users, pushing the boundaries on what is achievable with drones. It features powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to navigate complex environments in real-time with 3D flight paths.Perform unprecedented obstacle avoidance maneuvers as well as open up opportunity for flights without GPS signal - all while keeping a foldable, weather-resistant design for unbeatable portability. And now it's even easier to identify and track objects thanks to its cutting-edge thermal payload!


Powerful, multifunctional payload system

The EVO Max 4T is equipped with a detachable payload perfect for multiple use cases. Two screws remove the payload, making for quick repairs, swaps, or upgrades. But the best about it are the following components:


Zoom camera

This camera supports 8K 10x optical zoom and 160x max hybrid zoom with clear details on targets up to 1.24 miles away.


Wide camera

This camera can capture 4K 30fps videos with max ISO of 64000. The Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 boosts post-processing and allows you to capture crisp, detailed images in low-light environments. Expect reduced noise and enhanced HDR in photos.


Thermal camera

This 640x512 high-resolution thermal imaging camera supports 30fps videos and 16x digital zoom.


Laser rangefinder

This allows you to get the coordinates and altitude of a target from up to 0.75 miles away just with a tap on the RC screen.



Autel EVO MAX 4T Bundle

SKU: 102001823
    • Integrated Wide, Zoom, and Thermal cameras with a Laser Rangefinder sensor
    • Autel SkyLink 3.0 | 12.4 miles Transmission Range
    • 720° Obstacle Avoidance
    • A-Mesh 1.0 | Mesh Networking Technology
    • 3D Map Planning | Multiple Mission Types | Data Security
    • Navigation in GPS Denied Environments
    • 42 mins Max Flight Time
    • IP43 ingress protection, and -20° F~122° F temperature operation range