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Galveston Drone Mapping Services

If you’re in the mining industry, you owe it to yourself to explore the many advantages of deploying Galveston drone mapping services from Lone Star Drone. Not only do we have the best equipment available, we also have the best pilots. When you choose our company to provide your drone mapping services in Galveston TX, you’ll increase the efficiency of your operations. You’ll also enjoy significant cost savings. These are just some of the ways mining companies are using drones.


Mapping and Surveying


Mine operators commonly use Galveston drone mapping services in order to gain a better understanding of how projects are working, and how they will likely progress in the upcoming days, weeks and months. The old way of surveying a project typically involved sending out workers to physically inspect that progress. Drone mapping services in Galveston TX not only deliver much more accurate results, they do so in a much more cost-effective manner.


Saving Time


Trying to create accurate maps on the ground can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Considering the vastness of most mining projects, obtaining accurate readings can be nearly impossible. Drone mapping services in Galveston TX can be sent into areas where roads don’t exist, and where terrain would be extremely difficult for trucks to be able to navigate.


Increasing Safety


Drones can overcome physical obstacles much easier than humans. Sending a drone into a potentially dangerous area can help a mining operation avoid a potentially disastrous scenario. Drones can, for example, be sent into an underground mine that could be compromised, taking detailed pictures of the area so structural engineers can take a closer look. This eliminates the need send people into these areas, and possibly facing life-threatening hazards as a result.


We’re Ready to Tell You More


Let the professionals with Lone Star Drone tell you more about the many benefits of Galveston drone mapping services. You can use our convenient online form to get in touch with us, or you can give us a call at 817-642-7499. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let us turn you project into our mission:

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