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El Paso Drone LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR Services


"±5cm of accuracy or you don't pay!"


< 5cm of accuracy
or you don't pay!

We aim for 1mm, but guarantee ±5cm


Ready to use!

Our deliverables are ready to use upon delivery. 


Fast and better

We can capture 1k or more acres a day.

Using the most advanced systems available, we can create detailed scans of both terrain and physical objects. The engineering industry has begun to use the scans and maps for increasingly more creative solutions. From asset management through comparative LiDAR modeling, to creating entire construction sites in a simulated 3D environment,  LiDAR scans can give engineers the tools they need to push the envelope of what is possible.

The Lone Star Drone Advantage:

Our Pilots are Military Veterans holding industry leading certifications.


Certified Pilots

We are proudly Veteran Owned and operated. 


Veteran Owned

Your data's security is our top priority. 


Secure Data


The Best Equipment


Because LiDAR can capture data quickly, large areas that would have taken weeks to capture can now be done in days. 


Creating detailed digital models allows for inspection of critical infrastructure and hard to access areas.


Faster collection, more accurate, better data.
Lone Star Drone's extensive experience and certifications creates an unstoppable combination. We use only the best equipment and only the best pilots. Our Veteran operators put your mission first.

Some of the ways we have assisted our clients:

Property Development
Engineering Modeling


Vegetation Management
Energy Sector Inspection

Underwater Mapping

Asset Management
City Planning
Law Enforcement 

Oil and Gas


Property Development Solutions


Worksite and Product Volume Solutions


Mapping and Topography Solutions


Asset Management Solutions


Companies in the agriculture industry are increasingly reaping the benefits of El Paso drone LiDAR mapping. This is a hyper-accurate method of delivering data that can be used in many different ways. At Lone Star Drone, we’re ready to help you explore all of the possibilities of drone LiDAR mapping in El Paso TX for your business.


Changing the Game in Agriculture

El Paso drone LiDAR mapping simplifies the process of analyzing terrain. When equipped with sophisticated sensors, drones can, for example, provide information on the grazing patterns of cattle. Drone LiDAR mapping in El Paso TX can also help farmers use more precise methods of planting and monitoring crops, helping them generate larger yields in the process.


Other benefits include:


  • More efficient crop production – Drone-enabled LiDAR mapping can help ensure better agricultural decisions. Maps can show areas of low, medium and high crop production, helping farmers determine where to use fertilizer when needed, and when to use it. LiDAR-generated maps can also show parts of a farm that receive more sunlight than others.


  • Irrigation – On certain types of land, drone LiDAR mapping in El Paso TX can help agriculture businesses determine where levees might need to be constructed. They can do so even if land is flooded.


  • Management of livestock – It’s almost impossible to keep accurate track of wandering livestock on the ground, or to keep them as safe as possible from any predators that may be nearby. This is especially difficult at night. However, LiDAR mapping drones don’t need light in order to detect potential threats, so they can be used well after the sun goes down.


Drone LiDAR mapping brings a level of efficiency and cost savings that have never before been available to the agricultural industry. It saves a great deal of time, and a great deal of money as well.



Let's Fly

Please get in touch with Lone Star Drone if you want more information on how El Paso drone LiDAR mapping can help your agriculture operations. You can give us a call at 817-642-7499, or you can contact us online.


Let us turn you project into our mission:

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