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In the information era, businesses can not be done without the exchange of information. In some cases, that information is literally money. So, why are most companies handling information without the upmost in care? 

About our approach:

Before Lone Star Drone, our CEO and COO, held careers in both military and Federal Government. It was there that the foundation was set for what would be Lone Star Drone's approach to handling our client's data. We treat our client's data with as much accountability as a bank would handles cash.


From our network to our data processing systems, every system that we use is secured to NIST Cybersecurity Framework. We don't use offsite storage for our critical data, nor do we outsource out data processing. Everything that requires handling critical data is secured. 

Our Standards:


Your data will never leave the US

Did you know that most drone data processing takes place over the cloud? That means that once your data has been collected there is no telling where it is being processed or stored before it is delivered back to you. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the data has been wiped after it has been processed. 

Lone Star Drone does not process data outside of our own physical network. That means that your data never leaves our chain of custody. More over, when you want it deleted, it will be erased.

The highest standards of Infosec

Information Security only starts with the collection phase. A far more important element to InfoSec and CyberSec is where it is stored before it gets to you. Without proper network hardware and best practices, your information can be put at risk of hacks, leaks, or theft. Lone Star Drone has been doing InfoSec and CyberSec long before we started a drone company. With decades of experience in the Federal Government protecting the Nation's most valuable data, we know a thing or two about keeping information secure. 


Our drones are secure

It is no secret that the biggest name in drones has been caught sending data to other countries. Lone Star Drone uses procedures to prevent any data from leaving the security of our operators. 

Let us turn you project into our mission:

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