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Lone Star Drone Recognized

Lone Star Drone receives the Veteran Owned Business of the Year Award by Arlington, Texas

Together we Succeed...

“The success of a small business is defined by more than sales numbers and profits; it’s about the lives you impact in your community,” said Michael Jacobson, President & CEO of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce,

Some of the Lone Star Drone Team

“All six of our small business award recipients this year exemplify passion for their work, determination to succeed and devotion to the greater Arlington community. We could not be more proud of our 2022 recipients.”

Establishing a home in Arlington, Texas, Lone Star Drone has been beyond thankful for the support of the city and fellow business owners. This year Lone Star Drone was awarded the Veteran Owned Business of the Year by the City of Arlington Texas.

LS Drone calls Arlington Texas home

"When I started this company, I never would have imagined being in the position we are in now. Sure, I knew the company was going to grow, but, to look back and see where we were in 2018 versus where the company is now is incredible." said Drew Smith, Founder and CEO of Lone Star Drone.

"The support our company has received from not only the city of Arlington, but all the many other business owners in Arlington has been incredibly humbling. I never would have imagined sitting in the same room as Mayor Ross, much less being on a first name basis. I used to watch the Texas Rangers play to take my mind off deployment, now they are one of our clients. Just incredible."

Started in 2018, Drew set out to change the industry with Lone Star Drone. Most drone companies are nothing more than a network of drone pilots spread out all over the country or world who are managed by a few people. Pilots are rarely vetted and lack basic certifications.

"I wanted Lone Star Drone to be the gold standard by which not only drone companies, but all inspection companies are measured against." said Drew.

LS Drone provides advanced solutions to many types of customers

Today, Lone Star Drone has a robust certification and qualifications process that they use to train and manage pilots. Pilots are taught more than just how to fly a drone, they are taught how to properly collect the information. Drew said that the most frequent client calls he gets are companies that hired one of the many pilot network companies to do a job and didn't get usable data.

Highly trained pilots and operators

"I think that is what has set us apart. We really mean it when we say that we want to turn our client's projects into our mission. It keeps me up at night if there is any question we aren't delivering beyond our client's expectations.

Lone Star Drone is pushing into the future. Beyond drone services, the company's Research and Development arm has been putting innovative engineering to work. There is no question that Lone Star Drone will continue to set the standard for the drone world.

Providing inspection services to the Texas Rangers

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