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Fort Worth Drone Surveying Services

Fort Worth drone surveying services help executives in a wide range of industries make well-informed decisions such as planning construction sites, delineating boundaries, inspecting critical infrastructure and more. Not only are drone surveying services in Fort Worth TX incredibly accurate, they’re also extremely accurate. For many companies, they’re also a great deal safer than sending workers into possibly hazardous situations. Lone Star Drone can take care of all your drone surveying needs by using the most sophisticated equipment available, and the best pilots anywhere.


How Drone Surveys Work


The technology behind Fort Worth drone surveying services might be advanced, but it’s also very easy to grasp. The drones will typically have sensors that face toward the ground. These sensors are outfitted with RGB and multispectral cameras that gather images. As the drone flies above a portion of land, it takes pictures of the ground at a variety of angles. Many drones used in drone surveying services in Fort Worth TX also contain LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology used to create detailed maps.


Collection and Transmission of Data


Drones collect data by using one of several tools available on the market, including Geographic Information Systems, or GIS. Until recently, drones could only gather data. Only the operator of the drone could retrieve it. But now, drone surveying services in Fort Worth TX can now transmit that data as well. As a result, surveyors can take that data and turn it into actionable information in real time.


At Lone Star Drone, we have a variety of different types of drones that we use to help our clients conduct surveys. Fixed-wing models stay in the air longer, and can survey hundreds of acres at a time. If you need to cover a great deal of land, we have drones that can stay in the air for at least 30 minutes with no interruptions.


Learn more about our Fort Worth drone surveying services by contacting Lone Star Drone online or giving us a call at 817-642-7499. We look forward to thoroughly explaining the benefits of this amazing technology.

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