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Dallas Drone Surveying Services

There are a lot of uses for Dallas drone surveying services – far more than you may think. The experts with Lone Star Drone have years of experience providing these services, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you how your company can benefit. These are just a couple of examples of the many ways companies can take advantage of our drone surveying services in Dallas TX. 


Roof Inspections


Dallas drone surveying services are commonly deployed for areas that have recently suffered damage from severe storms. Insurance inspectors, as well as contractors, will have to sometimes deal with dozens of damaged homes in a certain neighborhood. They’ll have to inspect the roofs of these homes as quickly as possible Drone surveying services in Dallas TX can deliver real-time data, providing a clear picture of the extent of whatever damage has taken place.


There are also many commercial buildings that have portions of a roof that can only be accessed using expensive heavy equipment. Drones can access these areas safely, and capture the footage that provides detailed pictures of a section at a fraction of the cost. Roof inspections performed by drones are just as accurate as those delivered by in-person inspectors. In many instances, they’re even more accurate.


Bridge and Roadway Inspections


Drone surveying services in Dallas TX can also be used to provide inspections of bridges and overpasses without having to disrupt traffic or set up expensive equipment. Traditional methods of inspection not only create major inconveniences to commuters, they can also be extremely dangerous. 


For example, when an inspector needs to take a close look at the underside of an overpass, that will typically require the use of a special type of equipment known as a “snooper truck.” This is a very heavy, complex machine that can be extremely costly to use. Drones can eliminate the need, saving thousands of dollars in the process.


Please get in touch with Lone Star Drone if you have any questions regarding the different applications for Dallas drone surveying services. You can call 817-642-7499 or contact us online.

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