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RMA Services


Pushing the easy button is something not not enough business owners allow themselves to do. From "not enough time" to "too expensive", business owners rely on many excuses to not help themselves. LS Drone Solutions wants to help you buy back your time by providing an east to onboard, comprehensive, and robust customer support experience for your customers. 

Let your customer service be as good as your products. 

Scanning Box for Shipment

Warehousing and Logistics

Your customers experience begins with how fast and well they receive their products. Don't let that first step hold you back. Our full suite of warehousing, inventory management, and logistics support helps you start off on the right foot. 

Customer Service

When something goes wrong, the last thing your customers want to do is spend hours trying to reach you. We have drone experts that are waiting to field customer support calls, texts, chats, and emails. Because we don't outsource our customer support, your customers will always be able to speak clearly with staff that knows what they are talking about.

Hotline Consultant

Diagnostics and Repair

We have spent years perfecting the process of repairing drones. From forensics diagnostics to board level reworks, to standard repairs, our staff of highly experienced technicians will ensure your products will be repaired quickly and completely. 

Some of the repairs we provide:

  • Carbon Fiber Repair

  • Sensor Calibration

  • Board level reworking

  • Motor arm replacement

  • Battery repair

  • Forensic diagnostics

Let's get started

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