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Arlington Chamber of Commerce

A city that makes every business feel welcome

When you are starting a business, one of the first steps you should always take is to seek out other business owners and suck up as much information and experience as you can. That is the lesson that I was taught when I started Lone Star Drone. Having just gotten back from a deployment I needed some way to take an idea for business and make it a reality.

Arlington Chamber of Commerce made that need come to fruition. Now, several years on, I have seen time and again the members of the Arlington chamber of commerce circle around new businesses and welcome them into the fold. "Together we Succeed" is the motto of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Truly the CoC takes that expression to heart. They immediately pulled us into the Veterans Business Council and made Lone Star Drone a success.

That is why we support the Chamber in any way we can. One of our biggest give-backs it to remain strong and active members of the Chamber and even stronger voices within the Veterans Business Council. We are adamant that the CoC has been one of the greatest driving forces within our community.

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