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Galveston Aerial Drone Photography

There are a lot of considerations you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using Galveston aerial drone photography to spotlight your properties. Real estate companies are turning to aerial drone photography in Galveston TX on a regular basis, but there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it. Lone Star Drones is here to show you how to get the most out of your drone-based images.


Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing to consider when using Galveston aerial drone photography is to work with a skilled, experienced company. Lone Star Drones has been in this business for several years, and we know how to make sure all of the details are covered. Some amateurs, for example, might not even think of determining the best flight plan. They’ll just send a drone up in the air without having a good idea of what to shoot, much less how to shoot it.


But at Lone Star Drones, we’re true professionals when it comes to aerial drone photography in Galveston TX. We’ll work with you to determine not only what buildings to photograph, but also the best angles to take those photos. By planning everything well in advance of a shoot, you can ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.


Another common mistake some companies that provide aerial drone photography in Galveston TX make is that they try to rush the shoot. While drones can capture breathtaking pictures and video, the weather conditions will need to be right. Strong winds, for instance, can lead to videos with shaky footage that no one wants to see. Even though the most advanced drones have stabilizers, they can still produce poor-quality footage when gusts are strong enough.


Patience will be key when taking drone-enabled shots of your property. While it can be frustrating to have to wait, you can rest assured the images you receive will be worth it.



We’re ready to tell you much more about how to make your Galveston aerial drone photography session as successful as possible. Call Lone Star Drones at 817-642-7499, or use our online contact form.


Let us turn you project into our mission:

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