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El Paso Aerial Roofing Inspections

Whether people are buying or selling a home, El Paso aerial roofing inspections can be incredibly important. Aerial roofing inspections in El Paso TX can spot problems that could affect the sale, such as damage or leaks. Lone Star Drone has a great deal of experience providing this service for roofing companies and real estate offices throughout the area. When you work with us, you can be completely confident that we’ll deliver the accurate results needed to determine whether a roof repair or replacement will be needed.


The Power of Drones


The drones we use for performing El Paso aerial roofing inspections are military grade, and our pilots have a military background. In fact, they regularly flew drones in action while on reconnaissance missions. They know how to fly drones with incredible precision, and to maneuver them into the tightest spaces.


Do you encounter roofs with steep pitches? Do you worry that your inspectors will fall and be severely injured – or worse? Are there times where inspectors will accidentally damage roofing tiles or other materials? Drone-enabled aerial roofing inspections in El Paso TX can make all of those concerns a thing of the distant past.


As impressive as the high-resolution cameras on drones may be, these incredible flying machines have even more features. For example, they can be outfitted with thermal imaging sensors that can spot signs of a leak, or heat loss. They can pinpoint the exact location of these types of problems so that workers will know exactly where repairs are needed.


Aerial roofing inspections in El Paso TX can even provide a clear picture of any sort of pest infestations that may be occurring. Squirrels and rats will typically enter a roof from the top, or from a hidden corner of a gable. Even seasoned inspectors could miss these areas – but a drone will not.


You can get in touch with Lone Star Drone at any time to learn more about the El Paso aerial roofing inspections we perform on a regular basis. Just call 817-642-7499 or use our online form.

Let us turn you project into our mission:

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