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Dallas Aerial Roofing Inspections

Dallas aerial roofing inspections have made a tremendous impact on companies in a wide range of industries. They’ve basically made it possible to perform detailed inspections without having to put people in danger – and helping companies save a lot of time and expense in the process. Lone Star Drone has a great deal of experience performing aerial roofing inspections in Dallas TX. When you want the job done right the first time, turn to us. You’ll be very glad you did.


Why Use Drones for Roof Inspections


There are actually a lot of reasons companies use drones for their Dallas aerial roofing inspections. Businesses in construction, energy, real estate and several others deploy drones because they’re reliable, efficient, and affordable. Insurance companies use them for claims, while real estate companies use them for appraisals. Contractors use aerial roofing inspections in Dallas TX to get the detailed pictures they need to determine what kinds of repairs may be needed.


If you haven’t deployed drones, these are some of the reasons you might want to change your mind.


  • Safety – Drones make it easy to perform aerial roofing inspections in Dallas TX without putting personnel in potentially dangerous situations. Far too many people are severely injured –and even killed – falling off ladders every year. Drones eliminate that risk almost entirely.


  • Efficiency – These amazing piece of equipment can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to do an inspection. In many instances, it can shave that amount by more than 60 percent. What used to take three hours can now take as little as one.


  • Accessibility – There are some types of roofs that can be extremely difficult to access without being very dangerous. Drones can go into those areas and “see” areas that would almost be impossible for someone to get to. Imagine how risky it would be for someone to try and handle a tape measure and a camera while trying to get a good look at a gable on the fourth story of a home. Drones take that out of the equation.


Learn more about Dallas aerial roofing inspections from Lone Star Drone by calling 817-642-7499 or contacting us online.

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