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Drones have become an integral part of the modern landscape and many people are wanting to see what it is all about. Getting started in drones can be extremely intimidating. Lone Star Drone is here to help with getting people up in the air. From building the perfect drone for you, to providing advice on popular brands, we want to get as many people into the hobby as possible. Don't follow the developing drone trend, BE the trend. 


Join us on social media to learn about events, meets, and others who share your passion. 


Let's face it, getting into drones can be very intimidating. Quad-copters require an intimidating amount of knowledge to get up in the air. The hobby portion of Lone Star Drone, FPV Texas, is dedicated to getting as many people in the air as possible. Our ever growing social network is a very approachable and friendly group that share the passion we know you will have for this hobby. From helping you build you first quad to advising on hat to buy, we can help.


What are you waiting for? Jump onto facebook and join the group!

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